Dot Net (.Net)

 Microsoft .Net Technology - Introduction of .Net: Uses and Limitations of .NET, One Tire,     

  Two Tire, Three Tire,  
  and N-Tire Architecture.
  .Net Framework: Common Language Runtime, Jit Compiler, 
  System Namespace etc.
  OOPS Concept: Class, Object, Constructor, Inharitance, 
  Polymorphism, Interface, 
  Abstract Class, Sealed class, Properties and Mathods.
  Events and Delegates: Overview of Events, Delegates and 
  Events relation, User 
  define events, Delegate creation and types.
  Collection: Array, Array list, Hash table, Queue, Stack.
  Threading: Namespace System.Threading.Thread, 
  Namespace System.Threading.Threadstart, Thread Safety 
  Concept, Thread Property 
  and Methods, Life Cycle of a thread, Thdread Syncronization.
  Forms and Controls: Building windows form application 
  Programming forms and  
  control Design windows user interlaces Constructing MDI 
  interface Implementing MDI 
  parent and child Forms Implementing Menu strip, Tool strip, 
  Status Trip, Rich Text 
  box, Tool tip, Error Provider Etc. Creating Custom Controla.
  Remoting: Introduction, Remoting Architecture and NET 
  Remoting Scenarios 
  Creating .NET Remoting Objects, Hosting a remote object, 
  Activation type, Marshal 
  Object, Creating and using Channel.
  Reflaction: Introduction of reflection, The Core Reflection 
  Classes, Assembly class, 
  Method info class, Property info class, Browsing and Querying 
  Members, Invoking 
  Methods and Setting Fields and Properties.
  Assembly: Private and Shared Assembly, Manifests and 
  Assemblies, Dll Hell problem, 
  Private Vs. Shared Assemblies, GAC, Assigning version The Global
  Assembly Cache.
  Evolution of ADO.Net: How ADO.NET works and how it differs 
  from ADO. Evolution of
  ADO.Net Architecture: The Connection Object, Command 
  Object, Data Reader  
  Object, Data Adapter Object, Dataset concurrency and the 
  disconnected  data  
  architecture, When to Use the Dataset Provider.
  DataSet: Creating table in Dataset, Data Column, Data Row, 
  Data Table, Tables 
  Events, Saving data set changes with Command builder.
  Connection and Command Object: Connection object, 
  Understanding Connection 
  Pooling, Command object, ExecuteNonQuery, Execute scalar, 
  Execute Reader, Calling 
  the stored procedure.
  Introduction of ASP.Net: What is ASP.NET, Diff between ASP 
  and ASP.NET., 
  Introduction of Client and Server, Browesers, IIS.
  Web Forms: What is ASP.NET Web Forms?, Writing Your First 
  Web Forms Page.
  Working with Server Controls: Declaring Server Controls, 
  Manipulating Server 
  Controls, Handling Control Action Events, Handling Multiple 
  Control Action Events 
  Http Request Class, Http Response Class, Http ServerUtility 
  Validation Controls: Introduction to Validation, Types of 
  Validation Controls, 
  Client-Side Validation, Displaying Validation Errors, Working with 
  Compare validator 
  Working with Range validator, Working with Regular Expressions, 
  Performing Custom 
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