Topics Covered in Tally ERP 9.0
1. Company Info Menu
Select Company
Create Company
Alter Company
Security Control
Change Tally Vault
Back up
2. Country Specific Configuration
Country Details
Style of Dates
3. Loading A Company
Select Company
Company Name
Financial Year
4. F -12 Configuration
Numeric Symbols
Accts/inventory info.
Voucher Entry
Invoice/ orders entry
Payroll Configuration
Data Configuration
5. F-11 Features
Accounting Features
Inventory Features
Statutory & Taxation
6. Accounts Information
Accounting Configurations & Features (F 11 & F 12)
Function in Accounts info. Menu
Voucher Types
7. Inventory Information
Inventory Configuration & Features
Inventory info. Menu
Stock Groups
Stock items
Units of Measurement
Location/ godowns
Batches & Expiry Dates
Inventory Voucher Types
8. Voucher Entry
Accounting Vouchers (Contra Voucher, Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Journal Voucher, Sales Voucher/ Invoice, Purchase Voucher/ Invoice, Debit Note Voucher, Credit Note Voucher)
Inventory Vouchers (Purchase Order, Sale Order, Receipt Note, Delivery Note, and Rejection Out, Rejection in, Stock Journal, Manufacturing Journal, and Physical Stock Voucher)
9. Value Added Tax (VAT)
Enabling Regular VAT
Creating Master for Regular VAT
Purchase Ledger, Input VAT Ledger
Sale Ledger, Output VAT Ledger
Additional Ledger, TAX Invoice
VAT Adjustment Class Journal
Purchase Invoice, Taxable Sales Invoice
Consignment/ Brach Transfer Outward
10. Reports
Display Financial Statements (Display balance-sheet, configuring the balance-sheet, integrate accounts with inventory, setting closing-stock manually in the balance-sheet, displaying balance-sheet with different stock valuation methods)
Display Profit & Loss A/c (Configuring Profit & Loss A/c, income/expense statement instead of P&L)
Display Trail Balance (Configuring in Trail Balance)
Display Registers & Ledgers (Display Sales Register, Purchase Register, Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal Register, Day Book, Statements of accounts)
1. Voucher Entry
Order Processing (Sales Order, Purchase Order)
Advanced Voucher Entry (Voucher entry additional cost of purchase, Voucher entry using inventory allocations, Voucher entry using tracking numbers, Voucher entry using different actual and billed quantity, Voucher entry using batch wise details, Voucher entry using mfg. & expiry dates, Voucher entry using cost categories & cost centre, Voucher entry using cost centre class, Voucher entry using multicurrency)
2. Advanced Accounting Features
Cost Categories & Cost Centres
Interest Calculations
Cheque Printing
Credit Limits
Scenario Management
Reorder Levels & Reorder Quantity
Price- Levels & Price- lists
3. Taxation
Excise for Dealer
Excise for dealer- Flowchart on excise dealer
Duties and method of calculation, filling excise return, enabling excise, creating masters.
Creating dealer opening stock, excise voucher entries
Excise-Reports- Excise stock register, excise purchase bill register, sales & purchase extract, customs clearance register, form RG23D, Quarterly- Return- Form-2
4. Tax
Scope and applicability, Registration, Service-tax assessee code, valuation of taxable service, charge of service tax, exemption from series-tax
Returns & Timelines, Enabling service tax, Creating masters (service purchase ledger, service sales ledger, Service provider (Supplier) ledger, Service receiver (Customer) ledger, Tax-ledger, Service-tax voucher entry (Service tax opening bills, sale/purchase order for services, purchase of services.
5. Tax Deducted at source (TDS) & TCS
TDS Process
Issue of TDS Certificate
TDS Nature of Payment
Deductee types
Creating TDS Master (Expense Ledger, Party Ledger, Tax Ledger)
TDS Voucher Entries/ Transactions
TDS on expenses (Journal Voucher)
Expenses partly subject to TDS (Journal Voucher)
TDS on expenses @ lower rate
TDS on expenses @ zero rate
6. TDS Reports
TDS Challan Reconciliation
Print Form 16A
Form 26Q
Form 27Q
Annexure to 27Q
Form 26
Annexure to 27
Outstandings (TDS Payables, Ledger, Nature of payment, TDS not deducted)
Exception Reports (PAN Not Available, Unknown Deductee Types)
7. Central Sales Tax (CST)
Registration and rate of CST
Declaration Forms, Filling of CST Returns
Enabling CST, Creating masters
Inter0state purchase & sales ledger
CST Ledgers, Creating Vouchers
Inter-state purchase Invoice & Sales Invoice
Transit sales, CST Payment
CST Computation & Return Form
Forms Receivable, Forms Issuable
Auto-fill option for CST
8. Payroll Features of Tally
Enabling payroll in tally
Creating Payroll Masters (Payroll Info)
Payroll Voucher Entry/ Transactions
Expat-Reports (Passport expiry, Visa expiry, Contract expiry)
Payroll Statutory Computation
Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) Reports
Employee’s State-Insurance (ESI) Reports
Professional Tax Report, Gratuity Report
9. Date Management & Administration
Backup & Restore
Split a Company, Export & Import of Data
E-Capabilities (E-mail a Report from Tally. ERP9)
Display Inventory Reports & Statements (Display stock summary, stock items, stock group summary, stock category summary, location/godown summary, stock query, stock cost-estimation, sales order book, sates order summary, purchase order book, purchase order summary, reorder-status, movement analysis, display batch-wise reports, stock ageing analysis, sales bills pending, purchase bills pending, stock transfer register, physical stock register statistics of inventory masters)
10. Management Information Systems (MIS)
Cost-centre reports
Cash flow statement
Fund flow statement
Ratio analysis reports
Exceptional reports
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